Monday, February 10, 2014

Starship Evolution

I have a lot of tablescraps lying around in a plastic tub.  One of them was a little starship.  With the advent of rules for Mobile Frame Zero: Alpha Bandit I began thinking about it as a model for future games.

It's very swooshable and about the proper size for MFZ: Alpha Bandit.  The only real problem is the lack of attachment points for Attachments.

Brickshelf gallery.

So on we move to version 1.1.  It looks a little better. Unfortunately the center piece has been replaced by two pieces and each Long Technic Pin only goes through one.  This means that the core is kinda floppy.

This brings us to version 1.2.  We're back to one center piece and rigidity.  The "bridge area" is more visible in this version.  We're still left with the question of how to attach things.  The other problem which I haven't mentioned is the lack of mounting points for the flight stand.  You bump it and it will fall off.  Less of an issue, but still somewhat, are the colors.  Dark Green pieces in the fiddly bits that microscale builders like to use are not that plentiful.

Brickshelf gallery.

Still, it's a fun creation and I look forward to using it someday.  Here's a shot of a pair of them showing off attachments on either side of the hull.


  1. Nice design. The Brickshelf gallery isn't set to public.

    1. I just uploaded them last night so they may not open until tomorrow.