Monday, February 17, 2014

Single Shot Rockets

I pay attention to the search terms that are used to find this blog.  It has lead to some interesting ideas.  One of which is this post.  A few people on the Hangar have mentioned having trouble designing Single Shot Rockets (SSRs) to go along with their MFZ companies.  So with this post I'm going to show you what I built for several companies of mine.

Six frames, six different SSR designs.

Let's face it, this one is cheating.  It's a ready-made Kre-O piece that just clips on.  It fits the Drache Ei frames so well though!  The only problem I might have with it is that it blends in a little too well and could possibly be missed when looking at the frame.

I try and be simple when making SSRs.  If you count the mounting piece I don't go higher than four pieces when making them.

One thing I try to do is make SSRs that are distinct from the colors and shapes of the frames they are attached to.  Especially with this one as it's attached to the weapon carried by the frame.

This is meant to resemble a shoulder-fired, vertical-launch missile.  It might blend in a little to the frame it's mounted to though.

Another like the previous.  It stands out from the frame though.

This is the one I'm most proud of.  I took an essentially useless minifig accessory and turned it into something that is recognizable as a SSR.

So there you go.  Six different designs, all pretty simple in execution.


  1. I've always been a fan of this cone and goblet configuration:

    1. I think I've got one of those somewhere on one of my teams. I add the 1x1 Round Brick w/Fins to it though.